The School

Our now heated swimming pool.

Outdoor hallway outside of the gymnasium.

View from my window.

AIS West is located in Sheik Zayed City which is actually in Giza.  The Nile runs through the middle of the city but Cairo proper is on the east side and Giza is on the west.  My daily commute takes about an hour each way, largely due to traffic, and we pass by the Giza Pyramids.  The Nile valley is green lush farmland which turns to date palms and then there is a line that you could step over that takes you from the green and living to sand, dirt, and rubble.  The only break in the desert at this point are the manmade artificially mantained lawns and suburbs.

The school is secure and gated as are many of the developments close by.  Our students however come from all over the Cairo and Giza area.

My classroom.


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