Other Things To Do in Dahab

So sad.  Due to a back injury the same week, I was unable to go kite surfing, snorkelling or take that long awaited scuba lesson.  Although it has given me every reason to go back.


Poisonous fish do not touch.


2 thoughts on “Other Things To Do in Dahab

  1. Wow- looks great! I am Linda; will be coming to MS this next fall and am a dive instructor. Have only been diving on the Agaba and Eilat side so can't wait to see the better egyptian side of diving!
    How do you get to the dive sites? How long does it take?

  2. Hi Linda, Dahab is about an hour north of the airport at Sharm El Sheik. If you stay in Dahab there are many dive sites that you can actually walk to. You can literally suit up, walk out of a dive shop, grab a coffee as you walk through the beachside cafe, and straight into the water. A couple meters out it the reef drops off. Apparently there are many great sites that just require short boat trips. Enjoy!

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