Egypt’s Forgotten Felines

 Once revered, now left on the street to fend for themselves it is assumed that the Egyptian Mau is one of the few naturally spotted breeds.  They are muscular, with the hind legs longer than the front and they are unique in having a skin fold at the back leg joint that allows them to attain great speed.  The Cheetah also has this fold.  The Egyptian Mau is often said to be descended from African wild cats and depictions on ancient paintings show little change in the breed.  Most of the street cats are decendents of the Egyptian Mau but all types of cats find themselves on the streets here.  Few Egyptians will take in street cats but instead buy cats that show prestige, purebred persians are popular.  Then these purebreds are discarded because they have become a burden or have too many kittens because owners are simply irresponsible.  The street cats do however keep the rodent population low.

Adept scavengers.

This beauty has a home with Clare co-owner of The Blue Beach Club in Dahab.  She wasn’t too thrilled about a visiting dog.


Nile at Night

Nothing like grabbing some munchies, cocktails, and friends to share a boat and some downtime.

Armed Forces Day

Downtown, not far from Tahrir Square.

 I took these photos in October but with recent events I thought it would be relevant to post these.  The military that was celebrated at the start has become increasingly suspect as a block to progress towards a democratic Egypt.

This government building burned during the beginning of the Egyptian revolution 2011 stands as a symbol of the fallen Mubarak regime and a reminder that the people who once worked here for Mubarak are likely still supporting the regime through the ruling military council.

Desert Sea

Ahmed and I discussing geomorphology. Photo: R.D. Edit: M.B.

Photo: R.D. Edit: M.B.
Photo: M.B.

Looking at the remains of sea life. Photo: R.D. Edit M.B.

Photo: R.D. Edit: M.B.

White Desert (Sahra el Beida)

Photo: R.D.  Edit: M.B.

Chalky rock formations of the White Desert really give you the feeling of being on another planet.  Overall the natural protectorate is extremely clean however even here, made in China trash still finds it’s way in. 

Photo: R.D. Edit: M.B.

Photo: R.D. Edit: M.B.

Photo: RD Edit: MB

Photo: RD Edit MB
Rocks, rocks, and more rocks.  Very cool pyrites and volcanic bits.