Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Our host is preparing coffee for us.  Interestingly coffee is often served with freshly popped, popcorn.  Our guide told us that this woman has had ten husbands.  We asked him why and his response was that perhaps she was “difficult”.  Nevertheless she was a lovely host.


Ethiopian Mountain Wildlife

We were lucky to catch this Rock Hyrax hanging out on the side of the mountain.  They live in colonies and often have one or more act as sentries and take up a look out position on a vantage point to issue alarm if predators approach.  Looks as if this guy holds that position.  Although I didn’t hear any warning calls and he didn’t seem too concerned about us.

It was amazing to see the Baboons with their babies.  They had no interest in our company and so quickly moved away down the mountain.  This group were one of two species that live in this region.

Foreigners Are Fun

This boy just showed up, seemingly out of nowhere, on the plateau.  He stayed quite far from us but stared and smiled.  He began to mimic our actions.  Of course the more he did it the more diverse and silly our actions became.  It provided some entertainment for awhile and when he had had enough, off he went.

Beautiful People

The children simply come running when they see trekkers coming through. They arrive with huge smiles and “hello’s”, reaching out their hands to touch us and take our hands. Most have no shoes, are in clothing that is ripped and filthy, some are without pants, and many will have a plain blanket wrapped around their shoulders in place of a jacket. Water is scarce in the high mountains and therefore precious, which explained their condition. For those that were sick with colds it was clearly evident as they carried it on their hands and faces. However their illnesses did not disrupt their enthusiasm in wanting to touch and grab our hands in excited greetings. In Ethiopia, handy wipes are really handy.

At The Crest

Here was the first real plateau that we reached and we stopped for lunch. It is an amazing vantage point and the huts out on the cliff were fascinating to me. Not an easy life but what a location to offer perspective. Our young helpers didn’t seem to know what the big deal was.