Amazing Race

AIS West’s version of The Amazing Race.  Eight teams competed in Mohandiseen (my neighbourhood), and the island of Zamalek, an area crammed with embassies and great shops in the middle of the Nile.  The competition was filled with scandal and corruption.  The prize?  Can’t remember.  We didn’t win.


Flag Day

Just a few hours before the march made it to the Israeli embassy.

Home Delivery


Wouldn’t want to destroy the effects of hyrodenated oils solidifying in your arteries by the movement involved in actually walking to McDonald’s.  Having said that, there is a very nice service here by the name of that offers menus from from most restaurants, online ordering, and delivery with minimal charges of a dollar or two. 
Home delivery really is a way of life here.  Pharmacy purchases, including perscription meds with no need for the perscription, cleaning products from your local shop, general groceries, specialty food shops for your organics, asian ingredients, cheeses, and reputable butcher’s meats.  Everybody delivers! 


Warning to drivers.  There may be children darting like squirrels through traffic due to the reality that there are no sidewalks, crosswalks, stop signs, or traffic signals whatsoever.  You hit ’em, you are responsible for repairs on the car,

Khan El Khalili

Recycled glass is made into beautiful lamps and housewares.

Smoking the Shisha

                                Four thousand years later.  Hang on….just got a text from the wife.