Amazing Reptiles

It is not very often that you have an opportunity to see wildlife in Egypt.  Nature tends to blend with the city in the form of livestock, poultry, working animals, stray cats and dogs, and weasels.  Yes weasels.  These little guys scurry in and around parked cars on the side streets and share meals with stray cats.  Anyway I am getting off topic here.  I was super excited to find out that one of our teachers’ assistants brought in a chameleon that was found in her garden thinking that Ms. Ginny could keep it as another classroom pet.  Turns out they have very specific needs and are rather difficult to keep alive and so the decision was made to return the critter to the garden but not before I borrowed him to have a visit in my room with my Grade 3 class.  
An activity Ginny did with her kids.
Feeling grumpy?
The chameleon was not the only visitor that day to my room.  This little desert snake was really calm and quite lovely really.  Imagine the reaction of my students who are squeamish at best about the soft and cuddly kind of animals.  Great fun and a wonderful experience. As they began to get used to the animals that were in the classroom and learn more about them they forgot their fear.  I wish we had more opportunities like this one.